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HPTT test samples

Part 1: Text Recognition (non-verbal prompts)
Part 2–4: Health, Administrative / Insurance, and Legal Terms Translation
Part 5: Translation Accuracy
Part 6: Ethics and Best Practices

Part 1: Text Recognition

This part tests the translator’s ability to recognize the only accurate and standard translation that describes the image.

Sample Question 1

  • Guarde este medicamento en el refrigerador.
  • Este medicamento se puede almacenar en la heladera.
  • Después de abrir este medicamento, guárdelo en el refrigerador.
  • No guarde este medicamento en el refrigerador.

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Parts 2, 3, and 4: Health Plan Terminology

These three parts test the translator’s ability to accurately produce common: health (Part 2), administrative/insurance (Part 3), and legal terms (Part 4).

Fill in the blank to complete the translation below. Your answer must be correctly spelled, accented, and capitalized. It must also match the reading level of the English text, be standard and culturally competent for readers in the southwestern U.S.

Sample Question 2 – Health Terms

Breast milk is the healthiest for the baby.
La leche _____ es la más saludable para el bebé.

Sample Question 3 – Administrative/Insurance Terms

Your administrative hearing will take place next week.
Su _____ administrativa se llevará a cabo la semana que viene.

Sample Question 4 – Administrative/Insurance Terms

Misuse of your ID card.
Uso _____ de su tarjeta de identificación.

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Part 5: Translation Accuracy

In this part, the translator is given 3 possible translations of English text commonly found in health plan documents.
 The translator’s task is to recognize the only possible answer that faithfully translates the English text and uses proper grammar, syntax, and spelling.

Sample Question 5 – Best Translation
Identify which of the answers below faithfully translates the English text, using proper grammar, syntax, and spelling.

Please call one of our Member Service Representatives to find out which doctors are accepting new patients.

  1. Llame a uno de nuestros representantes de Servicio a los Miembros para averiguar qué médicos están aceptando nuevos pacientes.
  2. Llame a uno de los Representantes de Servicio a los Miembros para saber quién puede ser su doctor.
  3. Llame a Representantes de Servicio a los Miembros para elegir su nuevo doctor.

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Part 6: Ethics and Best Practices

Task: Translators will respond to questions that require them to consider the ethical principles of their profession and industry requirements for confidentiality.
Rationale: This task measures the translator’s understanding of his/her professional duties and best practices in the industry.

Sample Question 6

Health plan translators must treat their work with confidentiality because:

  1. Health plan members have the right to keep their health information private.
  2. It’s not polite to talk about someone else’s personal health issues.
  3. It’s part of the translator’s code of ethics.
  4. None of the above.

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