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For Court Administrators

Plain Language Resources

Court Holiday Signs

  • 2023 Court Holiday Signs (English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese) PDF

Language Access

  • Commonly Needed Phrases (multilingual) Excel
  • Department of Commerce Language ID Tool PDF
  • Department of Justice Language Access Assessment PDF
  • Department of Justice Language Access Instruments PDF
  • Get Ready for Court PDF
  • How do I Represent Myself? PDF
  • How to Testify in Court (English) PDF
  • How to Use a Court Interpreter (English, Spanish, Chinese) PDF
  • I Speak... card (Multilingual) PDF
  • Judicial Council of California, Spanish and English Glossary PDF
  • Language Access Research Short Bibliography PDF
  • Language Access Tools for Courts and Court Programs PDF
  • Language Variants in Legal Translations: A Transcend Article about the Word Court PDF | HTML
  • Legal Information Stamps HTML
  • Need an Interpreter? (Fillable Flyer) PDF
  • Need an Interpreter? (Fillable Poster) PDF
  • You Have the Right to an Interpreter (Massachusetts) PDF

Plain Language Articles

  • Is Plain Language Better? A Comparative Readability Study of Plain Language Court Forms PDF | HTML
  • Plain Language Works for Pro Per Litigants: An Introduction to Plain Language PDF | HTML
  • Focus Group Article PDF | HTML

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