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Legal Information

Plain Language Articles

• Focus Group Article PDF | HTML
• Is Plain Language Better? A Comparative Readability Study of Plain Language Court Forms PDF | HTML
• Language Access Tools for Courts and Court Programs PDF
• Plain Language Works for Pro Per Litigants: An Introduction to Plain Language PDF | HTML
• Why Plain Legal Language Matters: An Interview with Richard Wydick, Legal Writing Scholar HTML

Plain Language Resources

Child Custody
• Don’t Put Your Kids in the Middle PDF
• What is child custody mediation? PDF
• How to Change a Child Custody Order (Ohio) PDF
• Visitation PDF

• How to Clear an Arrest from your Record (California) PDF

Domestic Violence
• Make a safety plan PDF
• How to Ask for Help with Domestic Violence PDF
• Help for Victims (English) PDF
• Help for Victims (English and Spanish) PDF
• How to ask for a protective order (Poster) PDF
• How to ask for a protective order (Cartoon) PDF

Elder Abuse & Conservatorships
• Elder Abuse (English and Spanish) PDF
• Alternatives to Conservatorship (California) PDF

Eviction and Security Deposits
• Are you being evicted? - A guide for tenants (California) PDF
• Need to evict a tenant? - A guide for landlords (California) PDF
• How to Get Your Security Deposit Back (Form Letter and Information) PDF

• Worried About Foreclosure? PDF
• Are Debt Collectors After You? (Form Letter and Information) PDF
• What happens to someone’s property when they die? (California) PDF
• Cease & Desist Letter PDF

In Court
• Do You Need an Interpreter? PDF
• Get Ready for Court PDF
• How to Testify in Court (English) PDF
• How to complain about a bad judge (New York) PDF
• How to Serve (Civil cases in California) PDF
• Language Access Tools for Courts and Court Programs PDF

Name Change
• How to Change Your Child’s Name PDF

Property in a Divorce
• How to Divide Household Items in a Divorce PDF
• How to Divide Retirement Benefits in a Divorce PDF

Small Claims
• Small Claims Mediation (California) PDF
• How to collect your money after your win your case PDF

Social Security Benefits
• SSI (Supplemental Security Income) PDF
• SSD (Social Security Disability Benefits) PDF

• Were you denied unemployment benefits? (New York) PDF

• Health Benefits for Veterans PDF

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