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Updated Jun. 2012


All Languages
Print, Web, and Audio Formats
Community Review
Certified Translation

Transcend has been a step ahead since we first opened our doors in 1991. That means almost two decades of experience and growing expertise in translation of documents, web content, and audio in any language. To make sure your translations really "work," we also offer these these important quality assurance steps:

  • Community review
  • Cultural competency evaluation
  • Literacy and readability adaptations
  • Plain language
  • Field testing
  • Voice talent in any language

We are known for our high standards. That means your job will be done right, completed on time, and will exceed your expectations.

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All languages

We can give you translations in almost any language. Our languages include:

AmharicHaitian CreolePolish
Arabic – more infoHebrewPortuguese
BosnianHmong – more infoRomanian
Chinese – more infoIlokanoSerbian
DanishItalian Spanish
French CanadianMongolianUrdu

If you don’t see the language you need, contact us and we’ll help you find it.

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Print, Web, and Audio Formats

We provide files for print, web, audio, and caption for telephony, radio, or TV.

We are set up to receive all file types/formats for MAC and PC via email or FTP.

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Community Review

A native-speaking professional, who has daily contact with typical consumers, reviews the translated document. The reviewer will make sure the language is appropriate and standard and may also suggest how to make the text more effective or appealing for the target population.

For more information, please see our Community Review article.

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Certified Translation

We are a corporate member of the American Translators Association (ATA). Our translators are ATA- or court-certified, native speakers, and have 10+ years experience. And, our quality control exceeds court standards.

Our quality assurance process includes:

  • Translation by certified linguists who specialize in the content area of the document,
  • Formatting and graphic design,
  • Proofing, and
  • Project management to fulfill any special needs your project may have.

We also develop customized glossaries for our clients to ensure consistency of terminology across documents. These glossaries are continually updated to incorporate additional/new terminology.

For more information about translator certification, please click here.

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Other Services:

Cultural Competency
Emergency Preparedness
Plain Language
Plain Language Training
Voice Talent
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