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Health Plan Translator Test- Background
Health Plan Translator Test- Sample Questions

Health Plan Translator Test- Background

In California, private and public health plans produce translated documents and websites to meet the language needs of their members. In an ideal world, all of their documents would be certified, culturally competent, and have benefitted from the input of community reviewers. With communication needs on the rise, however, many health plans have turned to their bilingual staff to produce some translations that do not require certification. But health plans need an objective method to determine if their staff is qualified to produce these simple translations.

It is for this level of translation that the Health Plan Translator Test (HPTT) has been developed. In the course of developing the HPTT, we looked at existing tests in California and the nation and research related to language testing, which you can read more about at A Test for Health Plan Translators.

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Health Plan Translator Test- Sample Questions

Part 1: Text Recognition

This part tests the translator’s ability to recognize the only accurate and standard translation that describes the image.

Sample Question 1

  • Guarde este medicamento en el refrigerador.
  • Este medicamento se puede almacenar en la heladera.
  • Después de abrir este medicamento, guárdelo en el refrigerador.
  • No guarde este medicamento en el refrigerador.

See more samples at HPTT test samples.

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