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Web Accessibility Checklist

You and your webmaster can fill out this checklist and email it to Transcend. An accessiblility expert will tell you if your user can access, use and understand your site.

  1. Have you tested the readability of the content? (Use Transcend's Plain Language Checklist)
  2. Do long sections begin with a Table of Contents so users can quickly link to the section they want?
  3. Is content broken up into small chunks? (use short paragraphs with guiding subheads)
  4. Is the font sans serif, 12–14 point, with good white space? (Windows browsers display fonts 2-3 points larger than MAC browsers.)
  5. Do your pages use: keyboard navigation, scalable font size, and alt tags for blind and low-vision users?
  6. Have you used text equivalents for all non-text elements, like images, animations, sounds, and video?
  7. Have you avoided frames, Flash, Real Player and other plug-ins?
  8. Do all public agency phone numbers also list a TTY/TDD number?.
  9. Does your site work with style sheets turned “on” or “off”?
  10. Can a screen reader read the text in a logical sequence?
  11. Are your pages designed for 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution? (This size is best for people who need to magnify images and text)
  12. Have you met Level 1 and Level 2 priorities of the W3C Guidelines? (Test it at
  13. Is your site Section 508-compliant?
  14. Have you tested with users (including users with disabilities) to confirm:
    • the navigation is easy and uniform,
    • the information flows intuitively and logically, and
    • the graphics reinforce the content?

One out of five people in the United States has a disability. A few simple steps can make your website accessible to people with physical, vision and reading disabilities. Your efforts will help give them equal access to information, communication and opportunities.

For more information on Readability and plain language call Transcend at 530.756.5834.

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