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Tanushree Padath

Tanu Padath: Project Manager, Visual Designer & UX

Project Manager, Visual Designer & UX

Tanushree came to Transcend with a passion to learn about Design. She has blossomed into an accomplished multilingual Project Manager, Visual Designer and Usability Expert. At work, you may find her managing projects, designing icons, running usability tests or being the office tech queen. No project is too difficult for Tanushree. If she can google or youtube it, she will make it happen.

Her circuitous route from Molecular Biology to Design gives her the insight to solve problems differently from her peers. Her enthusiasm for the creative process and scientific intuition often lead to small, seemingly subtle changes that can have a big impact for the user. For Tanushree, the real beauty of design is in the process: the research, field testing, and the collaboration it takes to get there. She sees creative fields as exciting, boundary-pushing places. Her positivity is infectious.

For her, weekends mean a chance to reconnect with nature and catch up on podcasts. She calls many places home, including India where she grew up, and the vibrant city of Los Angeles where she had her first street taco, but she was born to be this close to Yosemite National Park. When she's not outdoors, she's probably working on her third batch of homemade truffles.