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Susan Holmes

Susan Holmes: Plain Language Editor/Proofreader

Senior Plain Language Editor, Proofreader & Anthropologist

Susan proofreads translations in over forty languages. While Susan does not actually know over forty languages, her eye for detail, her knack for asking the right questions, and her accumulated experience as our Senior Proofreader equip her to do a job that most would balk at. Susan’s our number one quality control expert: she’s responsible for catching errors, from the most egregious to the most subtle, before they make it out of the office.

Susan also handles the bulk of the Plain Language editing, and if you’ve ever called Transcend during office hours she’s probably been the helpful person on the other end of the line. As our resident mama bear, she’s the person who sees to it that every birthday gets celebrated—with cake, flowers, and her self-designed party games.

When Susan puts down her red pen, she picks up her sewing needle: her attention to detail is just as useful in the making of quilts and hand-sewn baby bibs as it is when she’s proofreading Arabic or Korean. Though her two boys are mostly grown up, she still finds the time to be with her family as much as she can.

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