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Kimberly Losenara

Kimberly Losenara: Assistant Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

If Transcend had a secret superpower, it would be Kimberly’s creativity. Her passion for design is apparent to anyone who meets her, especially if you’ve received one of her hand-lettered birthday cards. Kimberly’s talent for problem-solving and appreciation for open-ended, start-from-scratch projects make her a perfect fit for Transcend. She considers design work to be far more than making things pretty; rather, it’s about harnessing the power of visuals to facilitate more effective communication.

Even after her work week’s over, Kimberly’s weekend likely has her doing design work for nonprofits or friends. It’s her unique way of contributing to her community. She enjoys exploring her local town, or immersing herself in the life of a foreign country she’s never been to before. Ever the adventurer, she loves to jump in cold—not knowing the language or geography—just to see what will happen!