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Sam Warren

Sam Warren: Proofreader and Spanish Linguist

Proofreader and Spanish Linguist

Sam brings to Transcend a rich background in language. Growing up with writer parents, Sam developed an early fondness for the written word—and also became his household’s go-to resource for the intricacies of proper punctuation. He’s grateful to Transcend for giving him a suitable outlet for his musings about m-dashes.

When not proofing or editing, Sam’s always happy to help out with our many Spanish-language projects. A Spanish major, Sam spent a year studying in Xalapa, Mexico, during which time he was certified in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, familiarized himself with the city’s extensive coffee bars, and developed a strange fondness for uneven sidewalks.

Sam is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages & Literatures at UC Berkeley's Department of Spanish & Portuguese. When not in class or working on a project for Transcend, you can usually find him sitting under a tree with a book.