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Sam Warren

Sam Warren: Proofreader and Spanish Linguist

Proofreader and Spanish Linguist

Sam brings to Transcend a rich background in language. Growing up with writer parents, Sam developed an early fondness for the written word—and also became his household’s go-to resource for the intricacies of proper punctuation. He’s grateful to Transcend for giving him a suitable outlet for his musings about m-dashes.

When not proofing or editing, Sam’s always happy to help out with our many Spanish-language projects. A Spanish major, Sam spent a year studying in Xalapa, Mexico, during which time he was certified in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, familiarized himself with the city’s extensive coffee bars, and developed a strange fondness for uneven sidewalks.

Sam is still unwinding from a hectic undergraduate career on the Other Coast and has promised himself that the next airplane he gets on will be headed back to Mexico. After work, you can usually find him with friends or under a tree with a book.