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Nicole Newman

Nicole Newman: Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer

There’s never a typical day for Nicole. At any moment you might find her coordinating work flow for our design team, communicating with clients about their needs, embarking on a graphic design project, or performing one of the myriad other tasks that come her way. Nicole wears many hats at Transcend: not only is she our lead graphic designer, assistant project manager and number one problem solver, she’s also tasked with managing our IT.

Nicole shines as a team player, and her impressive knowledge base and her go-with-the-flow attitude make her an essential part of Transcend. She emphasizes the importance of learning by doing and a non-hierarchical, feedback-centered office culture, which is what enables Transcend to grow and adapt in the face of constant change.

When she’s not busy at work, Nicole prefers to spend her time with her husband and her daughter. She attributes her early start in family life with giving her the focus to pursue her personal goals, including earning her degree in Architectural Interior Design. She and her husband enjoy traveling to quintessential American cities like New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle, where they walk (and eat) their way through the culture, history, and architecture of our country.