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Meet the Team

  • Kasey Merten: Language Manager

    Kasey Merten

    Language Manager

    As our Language Manager, or head honcho of finding just‑the‑right translator for the job, Kasey’s grit keeps Transcend going. Watching her work looks a lot like watching someone put together a 1000-piece puzzle. As a liaison between translators, project managers, and the occasional client, her inquisitive nature and knack for communication are crucial for Transcend's business.

    Her position here lends a natural “next step” toward incorporating her background in linguistics and her desire to explore other cultures and languages into every translation project she gets her hands on. Her passion for writing and editing brings a unique edge to her work, delivering on one of Transcend’s core beliefs: when used the right way, language can empower people and change the world.

    When she manages to escape from behind her computer screen, she’s usually swimming or putting on a face mask with a cat on her lap. But if you ask her, she’s the happiest when she can take a day trip to see local culture in whatever way it manifests itself—inside an art museum, a yoga class, or a bowl of authentic curry in the city.

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