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Amy Guest

Amy Guest: Project Manager

Senior Project Manager &
Director of Field Testing

Watching Amy Guest at work inspires the same sort of feeling you get from watching someone run a marathon. Amy’s daily routine goes something like this: take on a challenging project, pick apart its complexities, and address each aspect according to a client’s specifications, all while meeting a challenging deadline. Her coworkers dub her “one tough cookie,” which makes her a good fit for being Senior Project Manager at a company where projects carry unique demands and quick turnaround times.

Our office taskmaster, Amy jokes that she loves her job because she gets to boss people around every day; but she’s never anything but considerate and fair-minded, both to her team and to her clients. She finds the satisfaction in the challenge, and she assures us that her mind will never wilt while she’s on the job.

Amy’s full-tilt work life informs her need for play. For six years (and counting), Amy’s made an annual trip to Maui, where she lets the beach life take over: snorkeling, paddle boarding, and complete unplugging, fueled by fish tacos and poke. Closer to home, Amy enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her dog Daisy, hanging out with her nieces, or catching up with her book club. And as our resident (California-raised) Swede, Amy is our go-to source for colorful Scandinavian lore.