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Amy Abramson

Amy Abramson: Financial Manager
530-756-5834, ext 17

Financial Manager

Amy Abramson, our head of all things financial, has helped steer our small enterprise through a quarter century of doing business. Never a feather out of place, Amy A. attributes her ability to keep a cool head to growing up alongside four rowdy brothers and sisters. It doesn’t hurt that she loves what she does: between preparing bids, establishing new clients, and managing cash flow, not to mention tackling the unique special projects that pop up in the course of doing business, Amy gets plenty of opportunities to practice her extensive skill set. She’s most proud of Transcend’s consistently high quality of service, which sets us apart in a large and rapidly changing marketplace.

When not at Transcend, Amy might be found at an early morning yoga class, at home with her husband or family, or musing about how to make her home and lifestyle even more sustainable. Or she might be teaching herself to play the ukulele. She’s involved in just about everything in our community, from assisting local political campaigns to advocating for music education and working to combat poverty in the region. When she’s not enjoying her hometown, she likes to be tucked away in some quaint locale abroad, soaking in the rhythm of daily life.