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Aldo Montijo

Aldo Montijo: Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

In his own words, Aldo does, “a lot of formatting, a lot of formatting, and a lot of formatting,” and he does it in many different languages. Before coming to Transcend, he says, he had only scratched the surface of his favorite design software, but now he’s developed far more intimacy with Word than can be claimed on the average resume.

When not learning the ins and outs of his favorite software, Aldo’s probably investigating how to leverage online marketing tools, learning from his coworkers, or cracking unexpected jokes. Beyond the office, Aldo loves crossing paths with people from different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. On any given day of the year, you’ll find him settling down with a good book, playing soccer, or finding his way to a local art exhibition. His favorite place to land for a vacation is the central coast of California, or “anywhere with a beach.”